Sunday, 26 July 2009


A. Board-trigger; spring/catch. Impacts at neck, or over eyes. May impact forward of eyes.

B. Adhesive board. Signs of struggle: high percentage of body surface in contact, side of head in contact.

C. Bait-trigger; spring/catch. Zero impact.

Choose C; option A unavailable.

Efficiency: four nights, four mice. Now, I've got to say that the mice which visit the front and back yards here are larger than Yorkshire mice; they are not the same thing at all. In appearance nocturnal: very dark fur, small recessed eyes. Tail same length as body only. Body slim, head long and narrow, nose pointed.

Options - commonest are drowning, scalding, or release. can a mouse find its way home? A blind mole rat can navigate by the earth's magnetic field. Two miles away, past a school and next to a stadium; grass, small trees, shrubs.

Four nights. How many mice? These all look the same: size, colour, shape. This morning's release calm, quiet. Routine.


Tim Budden said...

Join the rat catching club! I caught 5 rats and 1 mouse. All despatched in the bathroom as they avoided the cages but strategic sticky pads gottem. Unfortunately there's no earthly release once caught on a sticky pad.
Is this event gonna bring on a poem? Looking forward to that.

Anonymous said...

Remember: British invented the mouse trap.

Mike Hemsley said...

Well, how about this?

Start - tar - rat - 'Rats!'

Mike Hemsley said...

The British invented the mouse trap? - I'd better look into that. Meanwhile, I think perhaps the Taiwanese invented the rat ;-)